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Proposed Plans

Achieving sustainable urban transport has become a primary objective with the adoption of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) by the Government of India (GoI). Efforts to reduce or contain environmental risks form an important component of this objective. To foster a long-term partnership between GoI and state/local governments in the implementation of a greener environment under the ambit of the NUTP, GoI has initiated the Sustainable Urban Transport Project with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The total GEF grant proposed for the project is US$ 25 million, which will be complemented with a grant of US$ 170 million from GOI, State Governments, and Implementing Agencies (IA) along with US$ 105 million co-financing from the World Bank. The project is to be implemented over a four-year period starting from 2010. Primary Stakeholders in this program are Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), UNDP and World Bank. MoUD is the nodal agency for this program implementation. SUTP More Update logon to

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