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Terminals & Bus Stops

Terminals are important elements of the bus system. They provide the interface between the system and the users, as well as non-users. They are critical, to enable easy and efficient transfer within the system amongst different routes in the proposed route network system. They are also important physical elements in the urbanscape of the city affecting the visual image of the city. They need to be conveniently located, sensitively designed and efficiently managed.

Bus stops are important to facilitate easy, convenient and safe access to the service. They must be within the walking distance of the passenger. On an average the bus stops may be located at a spacing of 500-600 meters. The bus shelters need to be sensitively designed so that they add to the aesthetic quality of the streetscape.

A self-financing and revenue generating model for bus terminals and stops through a combination of commercial floor space and advertisement rights has been adopted. Indore Municipal Corporation has already made tenders to create bus stops for efficient management of public transport system. Indore city transport services limited is planning to add another 200 stops on various routes. ICTSL is expecting a revenue of Rs.5000 per month from each stop.