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Route Planning

The city bus route network system has been planned and designed in a scientific manner. Direction oriented Hub and Spoke pattern of routing has been adopted. Routes have been planned to ensure that besides the regular city transport users, office goers, students and employees should also avail the services. It has been ensured that proposed routes caters to the requirement of places of residence as well as places of job. Eighteen high travel demand routes have been identified. Company has taken permit for these routes from R.T.A. After due testing of routes and time scheduling ICTSL has initially started operation of 37 buses on these identified routes and later on add to its fleet of coaches to improve the frequency of buses at particular bus stop or intersection. We plan to have 100 coaches by the end of this financial year.

Colour coding of routes and buses and their numbering has been carried out in such a manner that a commuter may easily identify the bus stop and intersection for convenient commuting. All routes follow these general principles?..

All Blue buses move towards Rajwada and will definitely touch MG Road at any moment of time All Magenta buses move along the AB Road and will definitely touch AB Road at any moment of time All Orange buses move towards Airport along the Bond Road and will definitely reach Bada Ganpati Square